Scholarship Recipients

2019 Recipients

Megan Creek

“Every scholarship is such a blessing! Without college as a financial stressor, I will be able to just focus on my studies. Thank you so much!”

Matthew Bush

“I am very grateful for the Cakes for College Scholarship program. I plan on using my education to get a degree and come back and help the greater Wenatchee Valley. Thank you so much.”

Jenica Rose

“This scholarship is a huge blessing in my life and I am so grateful. Your support and generosity has given me a giant step toward my goal and a lifelong change in my life. Thank you so much!”

Gabriela Martinez

“My family has sacrificed so much for me. However with the help of this scholarship I can relieve their stress and worries. Thank you for being a part of my journey to success.”

Katherine Van Liew

“You have lightened my financial burden, allowing me to focus more on the most important aspect of school-learning. Your generosity inspires me to help others. Thank you.”

Jacqueline Alvarez

I am very grateful that you believe in my dreams and my goals. Thank you for helping me to get a jump start on my career and allowing me to succeed in my life.”

Christian Buenrostro

“I’m the first in my family to go to college and because of my parents financial status I will have to pay for it all on my own. With this scholarship it will help lower the debts I will come out with and have to pay off after college.”

Austin Biondi

“This scholarship will enable me to keep my hours at work minimal, and in turn have more time to focus on my difficult classes. Thank you for this generous gift.”

Flor Gonzalez

“This scholarship will help alleviate the cost of college for my family. My parents never could save up for my education and struggled to even put food on the table. I truly appreciate the people who help students in our community.”

Jacqueline Rodarte Banuelos

“At times we had no food to eat because my mom was short on money. There is no way I would be able to attend college without financial help. Thank you.”

Emily Danielle Dean

“Having family with cancer is a stressful situation. This scholarship helps me focus on my school work and not the financial aspect of school. Thank you!”

Paris Pfiefle

“This award not only means so much to me, but my parents as well. I’m looking forward to all of the wonderful opportunities ahead of me that this scholarship makes even more possible.”

Will G Cannon

“This scholarship represents the culmination of my hard work and determination coming to fruition. I am now even more motivated upon receiving this award. Thank you.”


Guadalupe Almanza

Leonardo Eliecer Avendano

Lily Marie Bollinger

Kara Leann Creek

Ruben Estrada Jr

Kemberlee Garduno

Daniela Garibay

Brenda Gil Munoz

Carley Anne Kruiswyk

Myah Danyel Lowe

Atilegna Perez

Jorge Josue Rodriguez Jr

Maria Josefina Rodriguez

Janeli Sanchez Villasenor

Esmeralda Valenci


Guadalupe Almanza

Carly Bozett

Lorena Carreno Diaz

Mayra Castro

Pablo Cortez Gomez

Antonio Garcia Mata

Kemberlee Garduno

Maria Jacobus

Sydnee Mongeon

Ana Navarro

Jordan O’Donnell

Gracie Patrick

Ian Tamngin

Karin Valera

Daisy Vega


Crystal Carreon

Jorge Alvarez

Carly Bozett

Sinai Carpio

Chase Coleman

Pablo Cortez Gomez

Josue Cuevas

Maria Jacobus

Andrew Millard

Jordan O’Donnell

Alexis Rodriguez-Pantaleon

Trent Tompkins

Courtney Welch

Samantha Welch

Fancy Zaldivar


Myrna Alvarez-Medina

Carly Bozett

Haley Bush

Christopher Clarke

Yareli Cruz

Joyce Davitt-Timiras

Christa Dietrich

Lucas Hakensen

Diana Mora-Diaz

Ramon Munoz

Janelle Park

Isaac Sanchez

Hannah Waters

Fancy Zaldivar

Laura Castellanos-Bueno


Jaime Abarca

Joseph Cain

Hannah Capelo

Guillermo Delgado

Abigail Fries

Megan Lavagnino

Gracia Mata Cervantes

Emily Millard

Alicia Ouellette

Faviola Padilla

Sara Phipps

Jessica Prewitt

Jaqueline Sanchez

Victor Villela

Gage Woodard

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